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Contributions and articles on the Province of Alicante and the Costa Blanca. In addition there is also further journey information to the inland of the province. But there are also articles about the Valencian Community, the neighbouring provinces and attractive excursion destinations. E.g. the special cities Barcelona, Granada, Madrid or Valencia.

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The blog articles at

Blog articles at In the blog you will find editorial articles – especially about the Province of Alicante. The focus is on the Costa Blanca and its 5 coastal districts. Since I live near Altea, at the borders of the counties Marina Alta and Marina Baixa, the two Marina Comarcas are a focus. But I also write articles on many other topics. For example the application of a Spanish tax number N.I.E or the permanent residence permit – colloquially called Residencia. Or instructions and tips for applying for and installing landline phones and fiberglass Internet.

Who is this blog for?

The articles are aimed at residents and tourists. Of course there are differences, if you are only here for a short time and go on holiday or if you live here. Tourists are probably more interested in a rather exciting attraction, the rental car situation at the airport or the prices and quality of hotels and holiday accommodation. The residents want information about good and cheap plumbers and pool service providers who speak their language.

Or information about Spanish laws that have come into force and have effects. For example, the current rate for property tax and/or the address of the nearest Suma office. But there are also many overlaps. E.g. insider tips to beaches and restaurants. Addresses of pharmacies with night service. Best sorted by date. Or addresses and opening times of shops, banks, authorities etc..

Thus it is my goal to prepare high-quality information for all situations in life and needs of the people with And to make them available in a structured way with the possibilities of a dynamic website with database. Optimal is a thematic addition and extension of other services at The GeoDirectory / Addresses, the LinkLibrary / WebAdresses and the photo and video galleries.


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Blog Content & Structure

I am still working on providing the logical content structure with sufficient contributions. The site was launched in August 2019 and I'm working on it alone. So I ask for understanding and some patience. A lot has happened already. This structure results from the topic – to describe a geographical region.

The local limitation of the website to the Province of Alicante allows a deeper discussion of the country and its people. At least in comparison to travel guides that cover the whole of Spain. Also the fact that I live here helps and makes my little site authentic. What I had to read during some research for a nonsense. Often written for travel and comparison portals by paid freelancers who have never been to the Costa Blanca before.

Editorial – the regions

Three superordinate and extensive editorials follow the geographical structure of this region. From these three blog centers everything starts, like a spider's web.

  1. The first centre is a broader contribution to the Province of Alicante itself.
  2. Second, an article on the superior region – the Valencian Community. Also with a view to the north into the province of Valencia. Valencia is a wonderful destination for excursions. Valencia airport is also an interesting destination. Especially if you want to go to the north of the province of Alicante near Denia.
  3. As the third blog center, there is its own contribution to the Costa Blanca, the approximately 200 km long coastline of the province. The Costa Blanca is the most visited tourist area in Spain and the most important. And for me also the most beautiful. 😉

Especially the mountain region is very exciting for me personally. Because I love motorcycle trips with curves and fantastic views. E.g. to Callossa d'en Sariá and further over the route Altea la Vella. So I would have liked to start with the inland. But most foreign residents live on the coast.

And most tourists prefer to go to the beach. I only mention Benidorm as a hotel town and tourist metropolis. Or Albir, Alfaz del Pi, Altea and Calpe with the many foreign urbanizations in the area. They rent holiday accommodations and the residents are looking for craftsmen. Therefore I have concentrated on the coast with the first articles. But there are also attractions and destinations like Guadalest.

Even more “editorials” counties and more.

The 9 counties of the province – with the Subcomarca Hoya de Castalla there would be 10 – are also conceived as editorials. Some are finished. I want to revise and add a few more text. Also the more than 160 –  so important for the tourism – official Playas get an editorial. In addition there will be attractions and travel and excursion destinations. The next lower level are the places themselves. The District articles refer to the places.

There are 140 communities with their own town hall. Not to all I will write an article. I started with articles and photo galleries about popular and well visited coastal towns and cities. But I already plan more and more day trips to not so well-known places, also in the interior of the country. When the homework with the editorials is done, there will soon be articles about the beauties of not so well known places and “insider tips”.

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Blog link to the other main areas

I make a disciplined effort to link to complementary information from the other main areas. Because in the end everything fits into each other. Using the example of my base town Altea, I can perhaps make it clear. Altea is located in the district Marina Baja – so the article links to the editorial district Marina Baja. There are 140 videos to all municipalities of the province. The Provincial Council of Alicante has done a great job here. Because all the videos are well done. Of course you have to go from the Altea Blog to the video library Altea. That's exactly how it is with the photo galleries.

At the LinkLibrary (websites without geographical location) there are less possibilities for links. The link collection is relatively independent. It rather contains virtual locations, booking and rating portals, other blogs & travel reports, airlines, rental cars or climate change etc..

It looks much better with connections to the addresses in the GeoDirectory. Because there are a lot of them related to Altea. So connections there are worthwhile. In GeoDirectory you will find, for example, all health centres or pharmacies in Altea. Also the nearest hospital and which Farmacia has emergency service. But also the authorities and suppliers addresses, like town hall, police, fire brigade, Suma etc.. That is already maintained. It is my turn at tourism. The almost 100 tourist offices of the province are already finished and available.

Bottom line

The logic of the content structure is simple. If you are more interested, you simply move on within an article, either vertically from the small to the larger frame. Or vice versa. To do this, you can horizontally navigate to the other main areas. Addresses, Photo & Video and Links, as long as there is relevant information about your current article.

Please don't misunderstand this. The other areas are absolutely self-sufficient and can also be used independently. This is only about the connections of such different types of information, like a descriptive blog experience report with an address database or a photo gallery. By the way, this also works the other way round, if you are at the addresses and found the Suma office of Altea. Is there also a link to the blog article?

The easiest way is to list related articles in different main categories. I list the categories on the right in the sidebar. But you can also use the keywords, which are displayed at the bottom of each article. So you have beside the direct links to the most relevant related articles two further methods to get fast and uncomplicated to all archives to a certain topic. Kewl 😉

One more small request at the end

Be lenient and generous. This kind of intensive linking is a manual job where I can easily overlook or forget something relevant. What always works are the archives by category or keyword. Because I always generate them very meticulously when creating new articles. Can you cope with my way of writing? I hope so. I maintain the clear word, sometimes also colloquially. Surely I overlook typos and punctuation mistakes. And still I am not completely saddle-bound with the new German spelling. But – I give my best.

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