Adressen Behörden -Directions Authorities - Direcciones Autoridades Provinz Alicante / Provincia de Alicante / Province of Alicante

Addresses Authorities – Province of Alicante

Adressverzeichnis Behörden:

Adressbuch Ämter: Wo ist die nächste Polizei, das Rathaus, die Gemeindeverwaltung, Feuerwehr, Gericht oder das Suma Büro. Im  Adressverzeichnis Behörden  findest Du die Adressen der lokalen Behörden und Ämter. Es gibt z.B. 141 Gemeinden mit einem Rathaus in der Provinz Alicante. Die ganze Valencianischen Gemeinschaft ist bestens organisiert.. Mehr …

Gesundheit medizinische Versorgung Salud Heath Care - Adressen Provinz Alicante Direcciones Directions

Health Addresses – Province of Alicante

Address Directory Health:

Since summer 2019 there is an address directory health at Here you will find the contact points for medical care in the Province of Alicante. Most medical addresses can be found along the densely populated Costa Blanca, but especially in the inland and mountainous regions it is good to know where the nearest hospital or health centre is. And which pharmacy has emergency service. Here you can find them. More …

Klimawandel- Climate change - Cambio climático - Extinct Rebellion Fridays for Future Information

Climate Change Costa Blanca

Climate change Costa Blanca

Yes, it has also arrived at the Costa Blanca. Who has followed the weather anomalies of recent years knows it. Actually everybody knows it. Why is it so difficult for us to act? Especially when travelling and on vacation we cheat our way through. I personally support the concerns and – explicitly – the approach of Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future. Without civil disobedience, politicians who only think populist about their re-election cannot be convinced.

altea Reise, Urlaub Ferien Costa Blanca - Travel, Holidays, Viaje, Vacaciones

Altea Information – Travelling & Holidays

Reise, Ferien, Urlaub Altea:

Altea im Zentrum der Costa Blanca. Ideal zum Urlaub machen. Die Altstadt mit den weißen Häusern und viel Kunst verzaubert jeden. Im Gegensatz zu Benidorm und Calpe / Calp achtet Altea auf den Erhalt von Architektur & Kultur. Altea liegt in der Comarca Marina Baja. Ein idealer Ort für Deine Ferien und immer eine Reise wert. Mehr …

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GeoDirectory Search – Examples

GeoDirectory Search at

You can find your desired address free of charge, quickly and with a map. (Directions by bike, car, on foot, public). There are 3 main search types. 1. the search by super category & category (e.g. craftsmen & plumbers / Fontanero etc.). 2. the search by location (e.g. a city and/or county). And 3. the free search / combination search. The results are either displayed on a new page – or at the bottom of this page in the results list.

Costa Blanca / Weiße Küste 7 White Coast - Provinz Alicante / Province of Alicante Urlaub Ferien Holidays / Vacaciones

Costa Blanca – The White Coast

The Costa Blanca / The White Coast

This is the tourist name of the coastline of the Province of Alicante. It is about 200 km long and stretches from Denia in the north to Pilar de la Horadada in the south. It runs along the east coast of the Spanish Mediterranean. The climate is gifted, the people warmly. Architecture, coastal forms and beaches – a dream. More …

Karte - Mapa - Map: Landkreis District Comarca Comtat / Hoya de Alcoy Provinz - Province - Provincia Alicante

District Hoya de Alcoy

Hoya de Alcoy:

Alcoy is the capital of the Comarca. And – also the eponym of the region. The city has about 61,000 inhabitants. The district has 8 municipalities with their own town hall administration. More than 110,000 people live in this partly remote region. The Hoya de Alcoy is not very well known as a holiday destination. But you can have a wonderful holiday here. More Information …

Karte - Mapa - Map: Landkreis District Comarca Marina Alta Provinz - Province - Provincia Alicante

District Marina Alta

Marina Alta:

Denia is the capital of the Comarca. The County has over 150,000 inhabitants, excluding tourists. Just like the Marina Baja / Baixa bordering to the south, the Comarca has a very long coastal strip. Here you get All the Information for holydays and travelling. In addition the Costa Blanca. GeoDirectory entries offer you: addresses with description, WebSite and rating, phone number, e-mail, map, directions, photos, videos. More Information …

Karte - Mapa - Map: Landkreis District Comarca Marina Baja / Baixa Provinz - Province - Provincia Alicante

District Marina Baja / Baixa

Marina Baja / Baixa:

The region has about 190,000 inhabitants, without tourists. The extensive coastal region is the heart of the Costa Blanca. It ranges from almost Calp in the north to the capital Villajoyosa in the south. provides Blog, Links, Photos, Videos and and a GeoDirectory. The entries provide: Addresses with description, website and rating, phone number, email, map, directions, photos, videos. etc. More info…


InfoLibrary – Costa Blanca

InfoLibrary at

Here you can find different information modules about the province of Alicante. Focus are the Comarcas / counties Marina Alta & Marina Baixa / Baja. I am a professional web admin and designer and have built a small site with This is not a contract job but my personal fun. Because I mostly live here and love the people, the mountains and the sea. I like to share my experiences and information about the Costa Blanca and life in Spain with you.


Valencian Community

The Valencian Community

>Where are we here? In beautiful Spain, of course. And yes, on the east coast – on the Costa Blanca. What is this area? The name Valencian Community has surely belonged to everyone who goes to this coast. And names, like Province of Alicante, Marina Alta, Marina Baixa etc. surely also.  What do the terms Comunidad, Provincia and Comarca stand for? How can you easily classify them? More here in this article. …

Weiterlesen WebSite Province of Alicante Bien Venudo - Herzlich WIllkommen – Welcome – Bienvenido

Welcome to! 

My WebSite offers information about the Province of Alicante. To the sea and the beaches of the coastline – called Costa Blanca.  As well as to the counties, cities and towns in the inland and the mountains. In the Province of Alicante you can enjoy a wonderful holiday by the sea and in the mountains. The website could also be called “The Province of Alicante and the wonderful life in Spain”. I named the domain because it is where I live. Altea is located in the Marina Baja. On the border to the northern county Marina Alta. Have Fun 😉