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Fire Brigade Provinz of Alicante

The fire brigade departement in the Province of Alicante is just great. They are divided into seven areas of operation. The headquarters in San Vicente de Raspeig, near Alicante, manages 12 main fire stations in the different counties and regions. These in turn coordinate the operations of the local fire stations of the Pueblos.

altea.me Geodirectory Fire Stations.

Contact Emergency Call Centre

The contact is made exclusively via the nationally valid and free emergency number 112, so there is only one really important telephone number for all emergencies and fire alarms. That is very good. Foreign-language callers are quickly forwarded to employees who can understand you.

Provincial Consortium Fire Fighting – Alicante

The Provincial Consortium for Fire Fighting of Alicante organises the fire brigade in the province of Alicante. The official name is El Consorcio Provincial para el Servicio de Prevención y Extinción de Incendios y Salvamento de Alicante. It was founded in 1997 and manages the fire stations and all fire prevention and fire fighting measures in the province.

The decision-making members are the Provincial Council of Alicante, and the Generalitat Valenciana. Also, the over 140 municipalities of the province with their own local government / a town hall decide with. In your Ayuntamiento you can obtain further information on fire fighting and prevention in your community. You can find a list of all town halls with contact data and address here in the altea.me GeoDirectory town halls.

Bottom line

The fire brigades in the province of Alicante are well organised. As a rule they arrive very quickly. I have been able to observe this myself several times. Fires in the Sierra and two house fires in our urbanisation. The fire-fighting planes and helicopters were on site within minutes. Ground forces from Altea, about 7 km away, in 15 minutes. Also other sources report only very positively about the Spanish Bomberos. That is class and very important. With so much heat, dried out pine forests plus some stupid people, it is a life insurance.

The biggest obstacle for the emergency services is a lack of information about the location and the situation. Avoidable delays occur especially in remote and poorly mapped urbanisations. The settlements from the 60s and 70s in particular usually have streets and hairpin bends that are far too narrow. Road signs and house numbers are also often missing. Yes, sometimes even the old numbers of the former parcels from the construction period are still standing at the houses instead of correct street house numbers. So for example in my Urbanisation. Changing that can save your life and protect your property. Therefore it is very important and quickly changed. There you can address also once the neighbour. 😉

Emergency call correctly set off

The following checklist applies equally to all types of emergencies. Fire, medical care, technical emergencies. The reduced form also helps with communication for more harmless incidents. For example, in the case of a water pipe burst, which is very expensive in Spain.

Always call 112 in case of fire or emergency!

That always applies! Even if you know the telephone number of the local police or fire brigade. The coordination of the emergency forces can only take place via a central office that knows which forces are available where. And which, if necessary, can coordinate the involvement of other units if necessary.


  • Speak slowly, calmly and clearly
  • Speak your name. If in doubt, have it confirmed if your interviewer does not speak your language perfectly.
  • Give your location and telephone number.
  • Tell what happened, what burns, who is injured.
  • Specify the exact location. Street and house number. For special locations also the floor or the number of the apartment. Also the exact location (backyard, garage or cellar, etc.).
  • Special features of access and approach are particularly important. Especially with badly mapped settlements.
  • Indicate the number of injured/ill persons.
  • Try to describe the injury/illness.
  • Important: Wait for questions from the emergency call centre. Do not hang up until the emergency call centre ends the call.
  • Wait – if necessary outside for the fire brigade or the rescue service. Parking is available in the immediate vicinity.
  • Make yourself known as the contact person and inform the fire brigade and paramedics / emergency doctor about the location and situation.

I wish you all that you will never need this checklist.

More emergency numbers:

For reporting burglaries, traffic accidents etc.. All addresses of the police (Guardia Civil, National Police, Local Police) can be found here in the altea.me address directory GeoDirectory Police.

  • 062 Guardia Civil
  • 091 National Police
  • 092 Local police
  • 080 Fire brigade

Why there is still the telephone number 080 additionally for the fire brigade I could not find out unfortunately so far. I'll pass this on after I've researched it plausibly. 😉

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Further contributions

More authority address data can be found here. altea.me has started in summer 2019. So please be patient. The addresses will be continuously recorded and only checked. The areas of health and authorities are already well filled.


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