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Granada Photo Gallery 2 – Alhambra Castle

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Granada Photo Gallery 2 – Alhambra Castle supports Extinction Rebellion & Fridays for Future.
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Photo Gallery Granada Alhambra Castle: The photo gallery Granada Number 2 shows views of the Alhambra. Different locations, angles, perspectives and seasons. So the Alhambra always looks different in different weather and light conditions. Even if the locations of the photographers are sometimes similar. Everyone knows that Granada is a beautiful city in Andalusia and has an architectural art treasure with the Alhambra. Everybody has seen photos, but I don't know so many perspectives.

The view to the unique Alhambra is impressive from every direction. Thus, a visit is worthwhile in almost every season. August is very warm. Whether directly from abroad or as a short trip from the Province of Alicante / Costa Blanca, for residents and long-term vacationers. The Alhambra is a world cultural heritage, rightly so. The Castell itself already looks impressive by its size. I like the Moorish architecture that is also present in the Valencian Community. But the perfect Moorish architecture, design and architecture of the Alhambra knocked me down. I could only marvel. The many photos I have sorted and divided according to topics. Here the photo gallery 2outside views of the castle Alhambra. Have fun

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Granada Photo Gallery 2 – Alhambra Castle – Impressions

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