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Photo Gallery Granada Alhambra / Generalife Gardens & Parks: The photo gallery Granada number 5 shows garden photos of the large castle complex Alhambra and of Generalife. This palace was the private retreat of the caliphs and sultans. The over 13 hectare large area of the Alhambra accommodates many Arab patios with well maintained gardens, wells and water games. The peculiarity of Arabic-Mediterranean gardens is also in the aim to praise the creation through the layout of the garden. Peace, calmness and relaxation are also to cause the asiatic garden art. However, pressed into a far narrower and strictly formal concept. In this way, Arab gardens also convey noticeably more joie de vivre and not just strict harmony and spiritual contemplation.


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Moorish Garden Art

In the area that describes altea.meProvince of Alicante / Costa Blanca in the Valencian Community there are approaches to Moorish gardening and landscaping to be seen. As frequent and original as in the province of Andalusia, they are not represented here. The Muslim influenced, Moorish garden art has long been part of modern gardening and landscaping. Also in Central and Northern Europe. Only for climatic reasons the suitable plants are often missing here. ūüėČ

Sometimes the spiritual orientation reminds me of Asian garden art. To create balance, harmony, peace and joie de vivre. But without the Asian formal austerity. The aim is not to satisfy given fixed forms as perfectly as possible. It is simply to celebrate God's creation. The result is more lively and cheerful. Donating joie de vivre plays a greater role.

An often underestimated but very important basis that all this could function at all was the Moorish engineering. Only with the technically advanced knowledge of irrigation systems could such lush vegetation in a dry region succeed at all.

Alhambra about time

The gardens within the Alhambra, surrounded by fortifications, are designed to match the various buildings. Often as extended patios with water and wells. So the term garden seems to me to be an addition to the architectural architecture. In perfect interplay with a building and integrated into a stylistically matching outdoor facility. Well, the Alhambra is not a complete complex conceived from the ground up at the start of its construction. During the many centuries of its existence, the fortress was constantly changed, extended and partly demolished or destroyed. Each dynasty contributed its own ideas and architectural preferences.

The same applies to the gardens. There is no precise knowledge of how the various gardens were designed in the first centuries. It can be assumed, however, that these were not just ornamental gardens. But that they do not differ significantly from today's designs. After the end of Muslim rule, Christians also laid out new buildings and gardens. While the buildings differed blatantly from the Muslim architecture, this was not the case with the gardens. The existing gardens also largely remained as they were, without more radical changes.


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Blog Tip – Top articles about Granada

I actually wanted to go much further in describing the following main gardens within the fortified wall. And also the Generalife gardens. For a long time I hadn't found any information in my research that described the topic well enough. So I could not pronounce a link recommendation in the first version of this contribution. All sides which had worked on the topic allegedly, were in the long run tourism sides. That in itself is not bad, if the info is correct. But I had found only WebSites, which wanted to improve their search machine Ranking with a short and meaningless alibi article.

I refer to the Wikipedia articles anyway. And of course they are extensive. But sometimes they are too formal and scientific for me. This is not a general criticism of Wikipedia. This kind of knowledge presentation is good and important. But sometimes I just want to read something loosely. And get well prefiltered information explained without too much detail.

Now I found what I was looking for at and cut down my lyrics a bit. Because here the gardens of the Alhambra and everything about Granada are really well explained. It is also a tourist/ticket sale page. But with focus on Granada and excellent lyrics. A Spanish site that offers several well translated languages also in German. One of the few Spanish pages that uses SSL. However I could not discover any imprint. Maybe a very well done niche site of a web developer & IT company. This address can be found in the privacy policy. The articles are comprehensive and all on the highest level. A top blog about Granada.


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Gardens of the Alhambra worth seeing

One of the core areas of the Alhambra are the Nasrid palaces. The gardens of this area are dedicated to the edification, regeneration and praise of creation. Here the rulers retreated into the private sphere. So, here the facades and walls are particularly richly decorated with arabesques, mosaics and reliefs. The exterior continues this harmoniously with patios, water and Mediterranean plants.

  • The L√∂wenhof is one of the main attractions of the Alhambra. The central fountain. carried by 12 lions, is the eponym of the name. More good info here at Patio of Lions
  • The Comares / Myrten courtyard is an Arabic example of merging a building with the garden. More good info here The Court of the Myrtles (Patio de los Arrayanes)
  • The Partal Gardens: The Partal Building is the oldest preserved of the Alhambra. The Partal Gardens on the slope are “hanging gardens” More good information here at Garden of the Partal
  • The Daraxa gardens: They describe a closed garden in the reduced Toledo style in the form of an irregular trapeze. More good info here at Daraxa's Garden (Jardines de Daraxa)
  • The garden of Lindaraja Patio is simply designed. The trees cover the well and provide shade. More good info here Lindaraja Patio Garden
  • The courtyard of the wrought-iron lattice consists only of four cypresses and an octagonal basin in the middle. More information here Patio of the Wrought Iron Grille (Patio de la Reja)

Worth seeing gardens of the Generalife Palace

The Generalife property is located outside the walls of the Alhambra in the east. The Nasrid sultans used the property, originally separated from the Alhambra by a gorge, for private retreat. But also for agriculture with orchards. Good blog article about the Generalife

Travel & Excursions to Granada

Weekend trip for residents of the Province Alicante / Costa Blanca. Granada is only 400 km away from Benidorm. The good traffic connection via the motorway A7 makes your journey possible in only approx. 3 hours and 45 minutes. From Denia you can cover the 450 km best via the AP-7 and A-7 in about 4 hours and 15 minutes. If you leave early enough you can enjoy the sights on the same day.
At more distant places of the Valencian Community from Valencia or even from the northern province of Castellon then almost a day trip becomes from the approach.

Moorish gardens is the topic of this 5th photo gallery article series with 5 articles & photos about Granada. Here photos of the gardens inside and outside the castle. The Caliph residence Generalife. Have fun

Links to all 5 photo galleries – Granada & Alhambra – here at

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    4. Mosaics, reliefs and art details – Granada / Alhambra
    5. Gardens Granada / Alhambra (this photo gallery)


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Photo Gallery 5 – Alhambra Garden & Park – Impressions

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