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Antoni Gaudí Photos – Photo gallery

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Antoni Gaudí Photos – Photo gallery

Photo gallery attractions: Province of Alicante (Costa Blanca coastline + inland & mountain region). Attractions in Spain and in the Valencian Community. supports Extinction Rebellion Fridays for Future.
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The Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet is a light figure of Spanish architecture. He had a decisive influence on Catalan modernism. “A picture says more than 1000 words” is a saying that is rarely as true as it is for this gifted artist. And I have no words to describe his art. So I like to leave the words to the art historians in other blogs and the Wikipedia article. In contrast to the other photo galleries, this gallery gives me faster access to the pictures – photo gallery Antoni Gaudí.

Why is Gaudi so great?

I am very interested in architecture myself. But my education is rather autodidactic. When I first stumbled across an Antoni Gaudí illustrated book in my mid-20s, it was a revelation. At that time I renovated a 200-year-old farm from the ground up. Without the inspiration of Gaudí I would never have become so brave.

Then I built arches, domes and sculptural 3-D forms. A bathroom designed with a recessed, brick (and insulated) bathtub that merged into the floor. With many recesses and organic forms sunk into the wall, this was a very plastic project. The full-surface covering with a mosaic of penny flows impressed not only me. Every bathroom was a celebration. Of course not comparable to Gaudi's high art. But without him this would never have happened, thanks to Antoni Gaudí.


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Photo gallery – Photos Antoni Gaudí

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