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District Hoya de Alcoy

District - Hoya de Alcoy Districts Region - Province of Alicante Region - Valencian Community

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District Hoya de Alcoy

Alcoy / Alcoi is the capital of the Comarca. And – also the eponym of the region. The city has about 61,000 inhabitants. The county is located in the interior of the Costa Blanca in the Province of Alicante / Valencian Community. Together with the Condado de Cocentaina and the districts Vinalopó Alto and Vinalopó Medio it is located in the mountainous region of th Province. In the Comarca Hoya de Alcoy there are 8 municipalities with their own town hall administration. More than 110,000 people live in this partly remote and difficult to access region.

Vacation in the Alcoiá

Holidays in the Hoya de Alcoy

The Comarca Hoya de Alcoy does not seem to be very well known as a holiday destination. Because there is no sea and no beaches. As the access still requires a car, the package tourism is actually not as developed as at the coast. That's why you can have a wonderful holiday here! In the meantime, the relevant booking portals have also discovered this. A search for the administrative district Alcoy with Google lists up to the Wikipedia left excluding offers for holidays accommodations and real estates.

Search Results

Some of the search results at the top are disguised as info or weather web sites. On closer inspection, however, they are purely tourist marketing sales pages. The imprint and the high number of links and advertisements revealed this very quickly. That is legitimate and I do not point with the finger. Also with altea.me there are announcements to the WebSite financing. It is for me a question of the emphasis. Is the editorial text of an “Info Site” only there to disguise the actual goal – sale of bookings. Or does an editorial page show some advertising to be able to bear the costs? It seems to me, as with private TV. The films fill the gaps between the advertisements.

Irrelevant Results

That instead of cultural WebSites or genuine travel reports etc. in the meantime all front places are assigned with search results at journey and reservation offerers is to be observed unfortunately everywhere. Such pseudo info Sites offer besides usually only flat and meaningless texts. Bored freelancers, who were never on site (I also have nothing against freelancers). And prepared by SEO professionals for Google & Co. Why do search engines present so concentratedly irrelavable results so far in front? Anyway, it's a shame when a reference to the famous festival of Moros and Cristianos in Alcoy only appears on result page 7. Or the official site of the city of Alcoy is far behind.

This development frightens me. Because also the Alcoya will probably not be able to remain so original with the intensive development. Although shuttle services from the airport to the hotels are now also available, I hope for a reasonable development.


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The Alcoiá

The Sierra del Menejador mountain range divides the county geographically. In the so-called “humid” Alcoy valley with the river Serpis. And into the mountainous and very dry SubDistrict Hoya de Castalla in the southwest of the Comarca.

The SubComarca Hoya de Castalla

It is only accessible via a single road. The towns of Castalla, Ibi, Tibi and Onil belong to this “sub-county” with its own administration. The municipality of Bañeres plays a special role.  This place actually belongs neither to the Alcoy valley nor to the Hoya de Castalla.  But, although it fits geographically rather to the region of the administrative district Alto Vinalopó, the town hall of Hoya de Alcoy also administers this place. Also the other municipalities of the Subcomarca were assigned in old times to the Comarca Alto Vinalopó.

The Alcoy Valley

Historically, the valley and its communities belonged to the neighbouring district. The former county of Condado de Cocentaina or Valencian – Comtat. Alcoy, the capital of the whole county, is located in this valley. Alcoy is still industrially characterised by its textile industry. The small villages still practise traditional agriculture. Despite the mountainous landscape, this is favoured in comparison to the Hoya de Castalla by the good water supply of the Río Serpis and its tributaries. The gentle nature tourism also plays a role here in the meantime.

Mountains & Rivers


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Bottom line

In this mountainous region, agriculture has never really played a major role. And it is still disadvantaged today. Because the county Hoya de Alcoy in the northwest of the central city and county Campo de Alicante on the coast, is difficult to access. In addition, there is a relatively harsh climate. In addition, it is relatively far away from the coast. At least for many package tourists.

The traditional textile industry of the Hoya de Alcoy – around the capital Alcoy, suffers. There is a lot of competition on the world market for textiles. But fortunately, domestic tourism is also increasingly discovering this beautiful region in the hinterland. Because a holiday in the Hoya de Alcoy is ideal for hiking, climbing and gentle nature tourism. These holidays away from the hustle and bustle at the coast are stress-free. Very recommendable!

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Directory Hoya de Alcoy

Complete address list – GeoDirectory

For the complete address list of all cities & municipalities, click here. With preview and short text. Here you can find all municipality with their own town hall and  administration in the Comarca Hoya de Alcoy.

Find everything with GeoDirectory

The GeoDirectory also offers you all relevant addresses of the district of Hoya de Alcoy.


The search in GeoDirectory is infinitely variable. Therefore you can search for everything and everyone – and in all variations. Here is a small guide for using the Geodirectory address directory. Find locations in the province of Alicante quickly and easily. Here at altea.me. Other places with address data can be found here. The WebSite was launched in August 2019. So I ask for some patience. The addresses are just registered and checked. The Address categories health and authorities are already well filled and checked.The rest – poco a poco 😉

Municipalities with Town Hall – District Alcoiá

By clicking on a following Pueblo you get to the single address entry – here on the site. With map, description, address, e-mail, WebSite, photo, video, review of the Rathaus WebSite.

Picture credits contribution picture / map: Original: Montxo Vicente i Sempere, uploaded by Martorell, vectorized by Rodriguillo [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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