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Health Addresses – Province of Alicante

Address Directory Health Region - Costa Blanca Region - Province of Alicante Region - Valencian Community

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Health Addresses – Province of Alicante supports Extinction Rebellion & Fridays for Future.

Address directory health: Since summer 2019 there is the address directory health & medical care at Here you will find the contact points for medical care for the whole Province of Alicante in the Valencian Community.

Most medical addresses can be found along the densely populated Costa Blanca, but especially in the inland and mountainous regions it is good to know where the nearest hospital or health centre is. And what pharmacy emergency service has. Here you can find them.


Health – Medical contact points Province of Alicante

Health addresses – hospitals, pharmacies & centres – fully recorded, as at 11.2019.

With a click you get to the health address book entries. There you can filter the results by city or county. And you can use the integrated Google Maps. The directory contains the address, and if available also the telephone number, website, pictures etc..

The entry of the health addresses of doctors, nurses, veterinarians, therapists, physiotherapists, etc. is already in progress. I want to take up however only really good and from me verified addresses. Therefore I cannot buy them from address publishers. Unfortunately, their quality is often poor. That may happen straight with such a sensitive topic, like health on no account. So please still some patience. I work on it. 😉

Health – Pharmacies with night service

In the event directory the open pharmacies with night service are deposited. You can search pharmacies with night service / Farmacias de Guardia by date and place. I have the data from the Alicante Pharmacists Association. I cannot take any responsibility for their correctness.

The provincial newspaper La Informacion also publishes on its website daily updated pharmacies with night service. Please check this before you leave. By the way, all Spanish pharmacies are obliged to post a notice in their windows or glass doors. There you can see which of the nearest pharmacies is on night duty.


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Emergency number 112

The telephone number 112 also works for prepaid mobile phones without credit. Only one SIM card needs to be in the phone, regardless of the provider. When dialing 112, the mobile phone searches for the strongest, nearest network. In the past, you could even dial 112 without a SIM card. That was unfortunately abolished because of too much abuse by a few idiots again. The fact that you don't get a network at all has become rare in Europe, which is now well developed. Especially on the coast – the Costa Blanca, the coverage is very good by 2019. At least one of the three networks (Movistar / Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange) should be available. If necessary you have to change the location. Usually a few 10 m are enough.

Tip: In my article about the fire brigades of the province of Alicante I have a detailed manual and checklist in the lower section how to make a correct emergency call at 112. There you can have a look again, because this is really important! Above all, keep calm, fight your own shock and slowly and clearly tell your location and what happened. Never end the call yourself. Always wait if there are still questions. The emergency call center ends the call.

Locations Health


Climate Protection Costa Blanca

Extinction Rebellion Spain. Our children need us. For your information from the point of view of an older resident – here my article on climate change and the link collection Environment – Climate – Globalisation.


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