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Health Addresses – Province of Alicante

Address Directory Health:

Since summer 2019 there is an address directory health at Here you will find the contact points for medical care in the Province of Alicante. Most medical addresses can be found along the densely populated Costa Blanca, but especially in the inland and mountainous regions it is good to know where the nearest hospital or health centre is. And which pharmacy has emergency service. Here you can find them. More …


Tips – Is that healthy breakfast?

What constitutes a healthy breakfast?

>Except for the argument about what is really healthy, it also inflames in the crowd. The old German proverb: “In the morning, like an emperor, at noon, like a king and in the evening, like a beggar, stands on the test stand. With such controversially discussed topics, like nutrition, it is always particularly difficult to give clear recommendations.  It is quite undisputed that a greater calorie intake than what is consumed during the day over time inevitably leads to obesity. This refers to the average total food intake throughout the day.


Jogging in the morning keeps you healthy

Jogging in the morning – sober?

A clear yes. The glycogen store is emptied overnight. The available carbohydrates are quickly depleted when running. And then the fat reserves are nibbled. What more do you want? Especially if you pay attention to your weight. Sober jogging will help you to lose weight much faster than jogging after an extensive breakfast.


Top Tips For A Slim Body

Fight hunger?

Stay slim. What do slim women do right? It’s quite simple, without diets or anything. Cook yourself, healthy and organic. Cook more and then freeze. Ready meals only in exceptional cases – they contain sugar, sugar, sugar. That doesn’t make you slim! Drinking water before eating reduces hunger and rinses out toxins. Eating rich in dietary fibre automatically makes you full faster. These 10 tips to stay slim and to become, go straight in the south with Mediterranean nutrition completely simply. The life in Altea and the Marina Alta and Baixa – optimal for a change.