Tips – Chicken Grill Recipe

BBQ times different:

We grill you a chicken cross and tasty. All info about buying organic chicken in Spain. In addition the different kinds of seasoning – Central European, Eastern European, Mediterranean? And how is it grilled – on a normal grill (who already has a spit grill here) or with the oven grill. Important are the quality of the chicken and the quality of the charcoal. Tips on which and where to buy it.


Recipe – homemade chocolate cake

Recipe chocolate cake:

You do not always want to eat it in Spain. Not in the sun or when it is too hot. How to make a chocolate cake, which ingredients you need and where to get them you can find here. Sonja shares her grandma’s secret recipe with us. I already had the chance to try it. Stunning. Slightly chilled, tenderly melting, a taste explosion of the Kakauaromen. Of course, this is not possible with cheap chocolate, says Sonja. You can find out where to get the right cacao in Spain here. Because it’s a chocolate cake and the A&O is the quality of the chocolate.


Tips – Is that healthy breakfast?

What constitutes a healthy breakfast?

>Except for the argument about what is really healthy, it also inflames in the crowd. The old German proverb: “In the morning, like an emperor, at noon, like a king and in the evening, like a beggar, stands on the test stand. With such controversially discussed topics, like nutrition, it is always particularly difficult to give clear recommendations.  It is quite undisputed that a greater calorie intake than what is consumed during the day over time inevitably leads to obesity. This refers to the average total food intake throughout the day.