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You can find your desired address free of charge, quickly and with a map. (Directions by bike, car, on foot, public). There are 3 main search types. 1. the search by super category & category (e.g. craftsmen & plumbers / Fontanero etc.). 2. the search by location (e.g. a city and/or county). And 3. the free search / combination search. The results are either displayed on a new page – or at the bottom of this page in the results list.

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InfoLibrary – Costa Blanca

InfoLibrary at

Here you can find different information modules about the province of Alicante. Focus are the Comarcas / counties Marina Alta & Marina Baixa / Baja. I am a professional web admin and designer and have built a small site with This is not a contract job but my personal fun. Because I mostly live here and love the people, the mountains and the sea. I like to share my experiences and information about the Costa Blanca and life in Spain with you.

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Welcome to! 

My WebSite offers information about the Province of Alicante. To the sea and the beaches of the coastline – called Costa Blanca.  As well as to the counties, cities and towns in the inland and the mountains. In the Province of Alicante you can enjoy a wonderful holiday by the sea and in the mountains. The website could also be called “The Province of Alicante and the wonderful life in Spain”. I named the domain because it is where I live. Altea is located in the Marina Baja. On the border to the northern county Marina Alta. Have Fun 😉

Hola World, Costa Blanca, ALtea: WebSite mit Infos zur Provinz Alicante

Hola World – Hola Costa Blanca – Hola Altea!

Hola Costa Blanca – Hola World – Hola Altea!

Here I am again with A new edition of my small WebSite Blog from 2013 to this beautiful Spanish city on the Costa Blanca. The coastal towns of the counties Marina Baixa (Villajoyosa, Alfaz del Pi / Albir, Altea, Benidorm) and Marina Alta (Denia, Javea, Calpe) with mountains and sea – what shall I say – a dream.