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Addresses Authorities – Province of Alicante supports Extinction Rebellion & Fridays for Future.

Address directory authorities: Where is the nearest police station, the town hall, the municipal administration or the Suma office? In the address directory Authorities you will find the addresses of the local authorities and offices. For example, there are 140 municipalities with a town hall in the Province of Alicante. The whole Valencian Community is well organised.

The three Provinces of Valencia, Castellon and Alicante all have long coastlines. Life there is raging with millions of tourists. Also many residents live at the Costas. In the last 20 years, the administrations have adjusted themselves better and better to this. Is it already sufficient?


Authorities quality in the Province of Alicante

The distances are now shorter and appointments can be made at shorter notice. When applying for an N.I.E (Spanish tax number) you can still see long queues. E.g. with in the police station Benidorm. I had 3 appointments with my kids. And every time I saw a lot of people waiting outside the police building. But this is no comparison to before. The privatization also helped the service providers and the service companies, which used to be closely affiliated to the state administration.

Example 1

In 1980 I had to apply for a second landline telephone for an extension in the Altea area in Alicante. With one hour journey, since a personal appearance was necessary. My opposite at the desk was an arrogant office god, who could decide on my well-being and woe, like in Francos times. Unlike others, I had not put an envelope with money in the application. The waiting time was then over two years. So the word mañana for “lasts longer” really made sense. It's not that bad anymore, on the contrary.

There are still a few grievances. But that is less due to the officials. Because the mentality has changed a lot. The employees of the authorities have learned a lot. The encounter with the citizen is friendly and service-oriented. The lack is mainly due to the still weak technical equipment of some authorities. Because there is still not enough investment here. This is perhaps understandable in the context of the crisis. But the tourism and the residents of the Costa Blanca earn so much money that at least a minimal equipment should be possible.

Example 2

Two years ago I was supposed to send a fax to the branch of the town hall Altea – in Altea la Vella. But that was not possible. You don't believe it. There was no fax machine in the Altea la Vella administration. And also a PDF by e-mail was not possible. I have tried to find a solution by telephone with angel tongues, because I did not want to get on the plane because of a not transmittable document. And it worked. But only because the employee was a Supernette and picked up my fax personally in the main town hall Altea (8 km away). Only with this personal commitment could I organize the administrative act from abroad. I was infinitely grateful. The bouquet of flowers for the great church employee during the next visit was a matter of course and a pleasure.


Is just, as everywhere in life – respect and friendliness help. Something national language naturally also. And the Spaniards are mostly very friendly and helpful themselves. Of course, I have also met brittle administrative officials. And I failed with my requests, although I had unpacked all my charm. But that does not differ from offices with us. Some employees there don't see themselves as service providers for the population. And the “small power” corrupts perhaps in the course of the time, shifts the self-perception and seduces to arbitrariness. We will not be able to change such people. But you have to tell them, just like the SUV drivers – with all due respect. Because they should at least know that others don't like it. However, my experience with the Spanish authorities in recent years has been consistently positive. To all of you a good success with the next official visit. 😉


Authorities in the Province of Alicante

The addresses of the town halls, courts, fire brigade and police are fully recorded. The Suma offices are under construction. As of 11.2019.

Filter: Limit the results by place or county. There is the Google Maps map and the address. In addition, if for the entry available videos, pictures, telephone number etc…

Further categories will follow. I am still considering whether I should put service providers, such as banks, notaries, tax consultants, telecommunications companies, water, gas, electricity, etc. in an extra category. Should I affiliate the service providers, or to the authorities. I would like to hear your opinion in the commentary.


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Climate Protection Costa Blanca

Extinction Rebellion Spain. Our children need us. For your information from the point of view of an older resident – here my article on climate change and the link collection Environment – Climate – Globalisation.


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