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Welcome to!  My website offers information about the Province of Alicante in the Valencian Community. Here you can find articles about the coastline of the Province of Alicante, which is called Costa Blanca as a tourist marketing concept. Information about the sea, the beaches and the counties, cities and towns. Not only at the coast but also inland and in the mountains.

In the Province of Alicante you can spend wonderful holidays by the sea but also in the mountains and live fantastically. My little website could also be called “Travelling to the Province of Alicante or The Wonderful Life on the Costa Blanca“. I named the domain because I live near it.


Altea is by the way a dreamlike, small coastal town. It is located approximately in the centre of the Costa Blanca coastline. And the old town enchants everyone. In contrast to Benidorm (approx. 15 km in the south) and Calpe (approx. 15 km in the north) the politics of the artist city Altea pays attention to the preservation of the culture. So your ascent to the top will be rewarded.

Arrived at the church square you will find a fantastic viewpoint, good restaurants, bars and Altea's landmarks. The blue dome of the church Nuestra Señora del Consuelo / La Mare de Déu del Consol is widely visible. Altea is located in the Comarca Marina Baja on the border to the northern county of Marina Alta. An ideal place for your holidays and always worth a visit.


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Province of Alicante – Costa Blanca

So I explore from there the Marina Baja / Baixa to the south – direction Benidorm and Villajoyosa. And further south along the coast along the town/county of Campo de Alicante and Vinalopó bajo. The southernmost district of the province is called Vega baja del Segura. There is also the border to the province of Murcia, near Pilar de la Horadada.

My excursions to the north go to the Comarca Marina Alta, direction Calp. This is also the northern county of the province. It borders on the coast – for example at Denia, the Province of Valencia.

The inland of the Costa Blanca is very attractive. The Sierra Aitana and Bernia, with their Pueblos, are covered as well as the coastal towns, ports and beaches. You can find all information here at Have Fun 😉

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Since when does exist? has only been available since August 2019. And so I ask for your understanding that I had to try different things during the setup of the website. Sometimes the layout, a color, a function changes. It could also be that a freshly created, new menu item leads to Nirvana. And only after the configuration of the corresponding module will it work.

My approach is certainly not the usual, because I build and test publicly.  So you can see how this develops. If you like, you are welcome to send suggestions via comments or the contact form. The same is true for the download. I'm not sensitive and I can stand the open word. However, I expect the same respectful tone that I also bring to you. The brutalization of customs, with online contacts is a horror to me. I don't read for long then.

What's not on

In contrast to the predecessor WebSite, on joomla basis, there will be no more forum and no registration possibility here. My server was hacked at that time and irreparably contaminated with malware. I could only flatten it. Unfortunately I have to limit this risk now. That it is a One Man Show, I can unfortunately not fend off the Cyber attacks constantly. Why should such a small site be a worthwhile target, you ask yourself.

If hackers take over a server, they can sail under a foreign flag. Send e-mail spam from there on a grand scale. Spying on user data, files that do not comply with the law, such as stolen movies, bad porn that you don't want to see, or cruel and violent pictures. Then all you have to do is distribute the link. Then all this is loaded from the hacked server. There are still some more bad things you can do. Currently there are about 500 attacks per day on my server. I've shut down pretty much everything that's possible.

Security at

Now such an attack and takeover of the server is not as easy as with my first, naive approach. But it works if someone is stuck behind it and good enough. Because there is no 100% security. And I don't employ a security staff. What's really going on in the internet, I can see by the huge number of Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese or Romanian visitors and login attempts as admin, every day. Or brute force attacks. The countries are only mentioned by way of example. Almost everything is represented. So I ask myself: “What do they want on a small private German-language blog about the province of Alicante with a focus on Marina Alta and Baixa? Nothing good, at least that's for sure.

SSL Certificate

For your security I use of course a SSL certificate. The communication of your browser to and from the server is SSL encrypted. You can recognize this in most browsers by the small lock in the WebSite address line (URL input line). Since no registration and login is necessary, nobody can see your username or your profile. For comments, the e-mail address and the name must be saved internally in order to prosecute violations of the law. But only your nickname can be seen on the site.


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Salutation at

At the start of such a project one thinks about the design of the site. And, the functions it should offer, the topics and focal points. But especially in the blog area: How should I write? At my age I don't have to please everyone anymore. This is one of the few advantages.

So I meet you at with a warm you as an informal salutation. That is quite a respectful DU. That is normal in many countries – also in Spain. And, I like it like this. Because it doesn't sound quite as distant as the “you” that is usually used in Germany. But, we are also in Spain and there it fits well. Sometimes I will use colloquial language. Depending on what I feel like and where it fits. Whether I can always avoid my Bavarian slang, I can't promise you.

Open Word at

I also cultivate the open word here and call things by their name. I don't always make friends with that. But I don't have to be Everybody's darling. Since I'm an impatient frequent writer, articles contain errors at first posting. All tip, spelling and comma errors to catch while writing, unfortunately, I rarely succeed. I read about it every now and then, adapt articles and correct them. Nevertheless – I will certainly overlook one or the other.

Sometimes it is simply my own ignorance or inability. Please check with me and be generous and conciliatory. Those who can't do that and find typos and comma errors are welcome to keep them. After all, blogging also has a practical use for me. I can finally learn a little more about New German Spelling and improve my English and Spanish.

Website design & construction –

Cookie Hint

The graphical and functional basic structure of the website has been created in the meantime. At the first call the cookie hint appears according to the data protection regulation / EU DSGVR. You can accept or reject it. Some of the cookies are indispensable for the functioning of the website. For example, of course, the cookie that checks whether you have seen the cookie hint. Without this, the cookie hint would be pointless, because the server would then not know whether it has to show the hint again. An endless loop and somehow funny that just the cookie hint needs one of the necessary cookies. This is the case on all websites.

Third Party Cookies

But there are also third party cookies, e.g. for YouTube videos, Google Maps maps, addresses, etc.. The best thing to do is to have a look at the privacy policy. There you'll also find the links to the privacy statements of integrated third party cookies, such as YouTube, Google & Co… You will also find information on how to delete cookies in your browser. If you only read the blog and do not view videos or addresses with maps, you can reject cookies without further restrictions. Unfortunately, the cookie of the VG word will then also be switched off. That counts, how often a page was actually read.  And then, if necessary, pays a small text fee (copy fee) to writers and authors in the following year. There are currently a little over 20€ per article and year. The VG word is the Gema of the small Bloggers. 😉


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Desktop & mobile use of is designed for desktop computers, tablets & mobile phones. Depending on which device you use to call up the website, you will receive a display and user guidance optimized for the device type.

Desktop computers and larger tablets uses 3 menu ranges.

The top menu at the top and the footer menu at the bottom contain the most important links. To the imprint, the data protection and cookie information according to EU-DSGVO (data protection regulation). You can also contact us using the contact form. The language switches for English and Spanish have been new since mid-September.

Main Menu

Under the website name and slogan (no logo at present) is the main menu. From there you can access the blog areas, the photo gallery, the address directories and the Costa Blanca link collection. Further information can be found in an additional article about the website InfoLibrary Costa Blanca / Province Alicante. There the individual areas are introduced more exactly.


On the far right there is a so-called sidebar for PCs. Here you will find the search field and updated information, matching the various contributions. So e.g. in the address range in each case the associated map and the selection of the places.

Main Window

In the main window itself, an overview of the current topic area with preview of picture and text is shown on the start page / home page. After an article call by clicking on the picture, the title or “read more” of this preview, you can view and read the whole article in the main window. The contents and links in the sidebar on the right adapt to the requirements of the article.

Use with mobile phones (mobile phones)

Matching the portrait screen, there is no right sidebar. The menus can be opened with an icon. The whole info is available, quite handylike by scrolling and wiping. Kewl 😉

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The topics at

The central theme – living well in Spain. Especially here on the Costa Blanca in the Comunidad Valenciana, Procincia of Alicante. My focus is on my immediate surroundings. The Marina Alta and Baixa – seen from Altea. The coast of Benidorm – Altea – Calp has a special microclimate, it seems more balanced and in the colder season it is on average warmer than far more southern areas. This is because of the northern mountains of the Sierra Aitana and Sierra Bernia. Gradually the other counties have also been added. So you can find e.g. in the address directory all town halls, police stations etc. of all districts of the province.

On I spread information, tips and experiences to the life in Spain. In a BLOG with articles on topics that interest me. With a GALLERY for photos and videos. And with a GeoDirectory as an address directory. With maps via Google Maps and an impressive search function. Address books on real estate, holiday rentals, bars, restaurants, specialist shops, health care, public authorities, utilities, craftsmen and specialist companies with an evaluation function are to be created here. A LinkLibrary completes the offer.

Use – free and without registration

The website is free of charge. You don't have to register to see all the content. There are no annoying PopUp windows here, which prevent you from reading, no newsletter distress or similar nonsense. To finance a part of the costs I fade in marginal and discreet advertising, I try to do this relevant and balanced. Not too much and not in places that could prevent the flow of reading.

Conclusion – Welcome to

So I hope will gradually fill up with life and I won't make too many mistakes. Since I am a lone fighter, it will take a while until e.g. the addresses are really well filled. Because I don't simply copy in bad and often unmaintained addresses of address dealers. I welcome you here again, at – have fun, Markus. 😉

Welcome – Bienvenido – Willkommen

Further articles

Information for Travel & Holiday

In the Valencian Community there are 34 counties / comarcas in total. Nine of these comarcas are located in the Province of Alicante. Below a list with links to the editorials about the counties of the province. In addition an article to the autonomous Valencian Community. and a contribution to the White Coast / Costa Blanca.

All Counties of the Province of Alicante

  • Vega Baja del Segura. Coastal district on the Costa Blanca. In the south – Pilar de a Horadada
  • Vinalopó Bajo. Coastal county on the Costa Blanca. North of Vega Baja.
  • Vinalopó Alto and Vinalopó Medio continue the Vinalopó region. Inland and mountains.
  • Campo de Alicante. Coastal county on the Costa Blanca. City & county provincial capital Alicante.
  • Hoya de Alcoy. Mountain region inland of the Campo de Alicante. With the Sub Comarca Hoya de Castalla.
  • Marina Baja / Baixa. Coastal district on the Costa Blanca. North of Campo de Alicante. Tourist capital Benidorm.
  • Condado de Cocentaina / Comtat. The mountain region. The interior of the coasts Comarcas Marina Baja / Alta
  • Marina Alta – Coastal district on the Costa Blanca. In the north on the border with the Province of Valencia, capital Denia.


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