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InfoLibrary – Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca / Province of Alicante / Valencian Community – InfoLibrary at Here you can find different information modules about the Province of Alicante. Focus are the Comarcas / districts Marina Alta & Marina Baixa / Baja. I am a professional web admin and designer and have built a small site with This is not a contract job but my personal fun. Because I mostly live here and love the people, the mountains and the sea. I like to share my experiences and information about the Costa Blanca and life in Spain with you.

No matter if you are a tourist or a “resident” living in the region. I try to make available well-structured and helpful tools and information for your stay on the coast between Denia and Villajoyosa, the heart of the Costa Blanca. Some topics also cover the south. The Campo de Alicante county and the Vega Baja and El Bacho Vilalopó counties. The Costa Blanca is not a correct geographical term in itself. But it generally refers to the entire coastline of the Province of Alicante, in a tourist context. From Denia in the north to Pilar de la Horadada.

The information at is provided with the following tools:

  • GeoDirectory – address directory with map, pictures, videos, directions, opening hours, prices, etc.
  • LinkLibrary – link collection of relevant websites about the Costa Blanca. Reviews & description.
  • PhotoGallery – selected collection – places, themes, locations – part grouped as albums.
  • VideoGallery – checked YouTube videos of the region. With short description, here directly callable.
  • BLOG – tips for internet & telephone, tax number, residencia, authorities, excursions, districts etc.


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Directory Costa Blanca / Province of Alicante

The addresses of the Costa Blanca regions with a description, photo(s) and map material from Google Maps will gradually be added to the GeoDirectory. The GeoDirectory allows a search by location, category or the name of the location. An advanced search is available for locations such as hotels, apartments and holiday homes. You can also search by criteria such as number of bedrooms, bathroom, price range or pool, distance to sea, child-friendly, pets allowed, etc.

Examples Super Categorie Authorities & Service Provider:

A map as a route planner, adapted to the means of transport, is on offer. Bicycle, car or public transport. But also a route description for “on foot” is available. the satellite representation or Google's StreetView are possible, directly here, without leaving

Further article about GeoDirectory – the address directory of the Costa Blanca and the Province of Alicante. You can find detailed information about GeoDirectory here. How it works and instructions on how to search quickly and efficiently..


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Videos Costa Blanca / Province of Alicante

A VideoGallery lists viewed and selected YouTube videos. I looked at them all and found them good. This saves you a lot of time. With a short description I show why a video made it here and what it contains. They can be viewed right here without leaving the page. The videos can also be viewed in full screen mode and operated with all control functions, Start, Stop, Pause, Forward, etc..

Privacy and cookie notices. When viewing so-called embedded videos from third parties, such as YouTube, cookies are set by the third parties. Just as if you were watching a video directly on YouTube or another provider. When you view such a video, you agree. Please read not only our privacy statements, but also those of third parties. You will also find information on how to delete cookies in the most common browsers on our privacy policy. Google Privacy PolicyOur Privacy Policy.

Links Costa Blanca / Province of Alicante

The LinkLibrary lists exciting websites about the region. In each case with evaluation and short description. Without GeoDirectory, the link collection would be much more extensive. But since the address directory already offers important websites with additional information like map, e-mail, address etc., I didn't add them to the link lists again. So double entries could be avoided.

The categorization is the same. Here you can find links to websites that don't need or have an address. All links are briefly described and rated by me. Of course quite subjective. There are no paid links. If I make advertisement, in order to finance the WebSite with, I indicate this in each case clearly, with a heading “advertisement”. 😉

Photos Costa Blanca / Province of Alicante

The photo galleries show photo collections of places, sights, plants, beaches … Simply to everything I like or what was important enough to go there and photograph it, because otherwise you can't get a good idea of it. I'm not a master photographer myself and have support from my partner and friends who can do it better. Usually they are not mobile phone pictures. Nikon class, older D70 with good lenses, although that's probably not really important on a website.

All images have been downsampled to 1024 pixels to keep loading times bearable. They are tonal corrected with Photoshop and partly cropped. Many of the contribution images are also from photographers who have made their images freely available on Pixabay or via Copyleft etc.. Thank you for that. Here is the link to Pixabay, if you want to check it out yourself.

Blog – Costa Blanca / Province of Alicante

The Blog section offers articles about living in the region and about Spain in general. Registration with the municipality, application for Residencia, tax number. In addition to experience reports and instructions for administrative procedures, medical care, nursing, etc., you will also find tips and tricks on technical areas. E.g. the installation and use of the HighSpeed Internet, which is increasingly available on the coast, via a fibre-optic connection.

So, also a lot of practical things to shorten distances and save time. In addition topics, which interest me, like my succulent rock garden or excursion reports, sailing, diving etc.. But also books that I like, political statements, solar energy and organic food in the marina.

I am completely free to choose the topics and the order. And in the language too. Because I don't have to please anyone anymore. So I can use a mixture of appropriate, correct German language, with colloquial elements. I'm sure I can forgive you with a little Bavarian tonguing at times. And, unfortunately, I'm still not very familiar with the “New German Spelling”. As well the first Translation into English and Spanish has been done with the Translator. So please check this out for me. I do rework all articles several times and try to correct missing commas and spelling mistakes continuously. But I also overlook some things because of my shortcomings. If you can't afford the generosity to forgive me for that and find comma and typo mistakes, you are welcome to keep them. 😉

Further articles about – Welcome – Bienvenido

Hola World – Hola Costa Blanca – Hola Altea!


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